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Female African Grey Parrot – Coco


My Name is Coco, I’m 11 months old. Looking for a best friend

  Parrot Name: Coco
  Age:  11 months old
  Gender:   Female
  Price:   $1100
  Available:   Yes

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Meet Coco, the African Grey Parrot

Coco is a beautiful female African Grey Parrot who has captured the hearts of everyone she meets. With her striking grey feathers and intelligent eyes, she is truly a sight to behold.

All our birds are lovingly handfed, well socialized (around other pets also) and fully weaned before going to their new home. Babies are DNA sexed and fully disease tested. They are weaned to a pellet (mix of Tops, Psittacus, and Zupreme) veggie and fruit diet. We are licensed with Florida Fish and Wildlife.


Known for their exceptional cognitive abilities and impressive vocal skills, African Grey Parrots are one of the most popular pet bird species in the world. Coco is no exception – she can mimic a wide range of sounds and loves to show off her impressive vocabulary.


But Coco is more than just a talking bird – she is a loving and affectionate companion who enjoys spending time with her human family. She loves to cuddle and be showered with attention, and she thrives on mental stimulation and social interaction.


  • Fresh fruit, Vegetables and Fortified Seeds
  • Clean, fresh, filtered chlorine-free water


  • Bird should always have access to fresh food and water
  • If fresh fruit and vegetables are not eaten in a few hours they should be thrown away
  • Treats canbe give but should not exceed 10% of the birds total food intake for the day.


  • Birds should be in a  home with a temperature between 65○F to 80○F
  • Habitat should be off the ground and away from any drafts
  • Habitat should be approx. 24’’W x 30’’L x 42’’H ( Largest habitat possible should be provided)
  • Perches should be at least 9’’ long, and food and water should not be placed below
  • Can be kept alone or in pairs


  • Habitat should be cleaned with a 3% bleach solution, and substrate or liner replaced at least 1x a week
  • Replace any damaged toys or perches
  • Make sure that no toys or habitats have lead, zinc or lead-based paint or galvanized parts
  • Make sure to have filtered, chlorine-free lukewarm water for regular baths
  • Make sure birds feathers and nails are clipped professionally to prevent injury to the bird

Red Flags Of Health Issues (If you see any signs of these symptoms please contact your vet)

  • Swelling of the beak
  • Accumulations of the beak
  • Feathers that are fluffed, plucked or soiled
  • Sitting on the floor of habitat
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Stools that are runny or discolored
  • Favoring one food when not sleeping
  • Discharge from the nose or eye
  • Eyes that are red and/or swollen
  • Loss of appetite


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